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Primal Programs

To purchase a program, click "Buy Now".  Fill out the form and click on the link for payment. You'll receive an email with the program PDF within 48 hours of payment.


PRIMAL Beginner Training Program

Photo Dec 03, 18 09 39.jpg

Build a Big Bench Program

Photo Dec 03, 17 53 07.heic

PRIMAL Pressing and Deadlift Program 2022

A beginner program that guides new lifters along to become stronger and more confident with barbells.

PRICE= $33

16 week program to grow your bench from flimsy to firm. Fill in your own numbers and use it over and over again

PRICE= $33

Add POUNDS to your lifts!

PRICE = $33

Photo Dec 03, 17 50 45.jpg

PRIMAL Conjugate Template

For the more advanced lifter, try this conjugate powerlifting template to grow strength and confidence. 

PRICE= $33

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