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Imagine Academy

We are hosting Parent’s Night out and Sunday Fundays:

December 3, 2022 - Hope for the Holidays GiftRaising Event for Stoughton Area Resource Team


July 9, 2023  - Battle of the Barbarians - Pro-Qualifier


August 12, 2023 - The Iron Maidens Teammate Showdown

September 15, 2023 - Max Monsters - Wisconsin's Atlas Stone and Sandbag Toss Record Breaker

September 23, 2023  - PRIMAL Fall Power Bash

October 7, 2023 - Feats of Strength - Novice and Master

October 7, 2023 - Wisconsin's Strongest Man/Woman

Strongman Training Camps:
This team is a supportive group of men and women - coached by Jimmy Brooks - Owner of PRIMAL Strength and Fitness and the UPA and USS State Chairperson and Kevin Prothero - Pro-Master's Strongman Competitor.

'Participants will receive group coaching and guidance on completion of event lifts, rules and training programs to assist with becoming a stronger and more well-rounded competitor. Each participant will also receive a free 12 week pressing and deadlift program.


Strongman Training Camps 2023

USS Strongman Rules Database

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